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Pillow Face: The Danger of Too Much Facial Filler

Submitted by drgailhumble on October 10, 2016

Fillers and injectable treatments are an excellent non-surgical method of adding volume and youth back into the face. Dr. Gail Humble has years of experience working with dermal fillers and injectables such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra and Radiesse. Dr. Humble was one of the doctors who participated in the FDA studies before Sculptura and Radiesse were approved for use. To add to her expertise and experience, Dr. Humble was one of the medical education staff for Radiesse. With her eye for aesthetic and her national injectables reputation, Dr. Humble helps patients achieve a youthful natural results without looking over done. However, if a patient were to visit an inexperienced aesthetic physician they may encounter the undesirable result associated with fillers known as the pillow face. What is Pillow Face? How can I avoid it? “Pillow face” is a term to describe a face that is too puffed or looks unnaturally plump. This occurs when too much material is injected into the face or when volume is added in the wrong position. To avoid the “pillow face” appearance, it is important to find an experienced injector who understands that anatomy of the skin and its limits. Overfilling the skin with fillers can be unpredictable and unnatural. The right amount of filler is important for the best results. A good doctor will be able to inject the correct amount of filler and distribute it evenly in the skin. While many patients may want more and more fillers injected, often less is more. Dr. Humble often advises patients to strategically use smaller amounts of fillers. The type of filler also dictates your results. Each filler has a unique formula and matches certain skin types, facial anatomy, ethnicity and age. Some are excellent for smoothing out wrinkles and fines lines while others are best for adding volume to the cheeks. “It’s more of an art than a science”, says Dr. Humble. Following your first injectable treatment, if you feel that you need extra volume or a touch-up, schedule a consultation with Dr. Humble. You can contact our San Carlos office to set a time to consult with Dr. Gail Humble – call today 650.551.9700.

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