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Dr. Humble brings a commitment to perform the art and science of aesthetic medicine to its highest degree concentrating exclusively on non surgical procedures to enhance, mold, shape, and improve the face and body. Dr. Humble is originally from Northern California where she received her undergraduate degree in genetics from UC Davis. She received her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Following a residency at USC, she received her boards in Anesthesia. Dr. Humble is a fellow of the Aesthetic Anti Aging Congress, and she is boarded by the American Board of Laser Medicine and Surgery. ONLINE BOOKING
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She is the author of multiple medical and non-medical articles as well as several medical journals, including Dermatologic Surgery and the Journal of Facial and Plastic Surgery. Many of the articles written by Dr. Humble are available in our Press section. She is a frequent lecturer at the World Congress of Anti Aging Medicine as well the Skin Disease and Education Foundation.
Dr. Humble had one of the first non surgical cosmetic practices. She served as principle investigator of multiple studies on Sculptra and its use in revolumization. Dr. Humble has served as associate professor at USC, as well as a consultant and trainer to Allergan, Steifel, Galderma, Dermik, Sanofi-Aventis, Vaaleant, Lumenis and KMI. Dr. Humble believes that beauty is a reflection of the person inside. When we feel young and beautiful, or handsome, our image in the mirror should reflect that. She presently practices in both Northern and Southern California.
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