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The Brazilian Butt Lift


This month in honor of summer we are going to talk about the Brazilian butt lift, as all eyes this summer are on the perfect bootie!

Well, no matter how much you work out and what your genetics may be, you may need some help to achieve that perfect summer bum!

To get a booty boost, there are three main options:

1) The first is fat grafting (the classic ‘Brazilian Butt-Lift’) where you take fat from another places via liposuction, and put it in the butt.

2) The other surgical option is butt implants where you take actual implants and insert them into the butt. These are both great options but require anesthesia and surgery and as well as require significant down time.

3) Option three is your non-invasive route to a plumper posterior. For the non-surgical butt-lift, we inject your buttocks with a filler — specifically Sculptra. Of all the fillers around, Sculptra is one that is best suited to this purpose because you can get a fairly significant augmentation without actually using that much product. What it’s doing is inducing your own collagen to grow around the product. In other words, rather than hyaluronic acid fillers, which basically just pump more volume into your skin, Sculptra triggers an inflammatory response in your body. This inflammatory response then causes new collagen and tissue formation.

The Upside

For many, the allure of fillers is that they often give subtle results that fade naturally over time, as opposed to enhancements that are more obvious. The non-surgical butt-lift is no different — think more of a change in contour and shape than a totally-lifted look.

Secondly, the non-surgical butt-lift is an excellent option for patients who aren’t interested in the liposuction that a Brazilian Butt-Lift requires. A patient who does not have any fat that can be harvested via liposuction may still have an opportunity for hips and buttocks enhancement without resorting to a buttocks implant. Finally, unlike a surgical procedure, this doesn’t really have any downtime at all. With a non-surgical butt-lift, you can go back to (almost) all of your normal activities same day. Depending on how much volume you need we can mix the Sculptra with Renuva. Renuva is one of the newest type of fillers. It is unique in that it is made of cadaveric fat. This is sterilized and made into a powder which we than reconstitute before we use it for injection. This causes a patients own fat cells to move into the area where the Renuva was injected and causes fat cell formation in that area.

The Downside

Though not as risky as going under the knife, the procedure does come with its own set of risks. The big problem with Sculptra is that you can’t dissolve it like other fillers some literature suggests as much as 8 to 10 percent — of lumps and bumps with Sculptra. For this reason, it is very important you see a physician who is very familiar with the injection products as well as how to use them in this area of your body. DrHumble did the FDA studies on Sculptra and is one of the few physicians that works with Renuva in both Northern and Southern California. With Sculptra, it is very important that the patient massages the area at least twice a day for one to two weeks. Re-treatment will be done in 5 to 6 weeks with one to two re0treatments of Sculptra. Final results are 6 months after the final injection. Results last 2 to 3 years.

Renuva is done in one treatments but may be re-treated if desired. The final result with Renuva is about half the amount of the initial injection amount. That is another way of saying the retention rate is 50% but this is permanent. It takes three months until you will see the final results but the results are permanent!

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