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Wonderful Results with Thread Lifts

Submitted by admin on August 1, 2017

Thread lifts seem to be the hottest treatment now in the non surgical cosmetic field, and the results we are getting with the new instalift threads is nothing short of impressive. Thread lifts are a very effective way to re suspend your facial structures but you need to do need to be a suitable candidate. That means your skin should not be too heavy or too thin. It also implies that you should not have a lot of excessive skin. Threads have been around for a long time and there were a few draw backs to the old ones. The first threads started in South American and were known as Golden Threads. Next came along the Aptos threads out of Russia and then finally the Contour threads and the Silhouette Sutures. The two primary drawbacks were that the threads did not ever go away and the other was that you often had a bit of a “wind tunnel effect” for the first two weeks with the excessive skin being “gathered” near the hair line. This corrected itself over about two weeks post procedure.        

upper lip and cheeks lifted with the instalift sutures
The new Instalift threads are very different and significantly improved. They are made of polyLlactic acid and they dissolve over 18 months. They cause a foreign body reaction which in this case is good. The threads cause a collagen “band” to be formed around them and as the threads disappear this “natural band” stays and continued to give you a lift. The full results take about 6 months to be seen so it is gradual and really natural. The other advantage is that they are bidirectional. That means instead of just pulling back they lift the cheek or the brow to the center so in addition to a lift you get a bit or revolumization. The procedure is much like having a filler placed as far as time commitment and down time, and is considered minimally invasive. The procedure takes about an hour because of the photos and marking, but each thread takes only minutes to place. We have had truly wonderful results with these new threads.

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