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Treatment options for spider veins, hemangiomas and rosacea

Facial veins or telangectasia are small, unsightly red, purple or blue blood vessels usually found along the surface on the face, upper chest, and neck. These blood vessels are abnormal, not necessary for any essential body function but cause great embarrassment.

Hemangiomas, like people, come in all shapes and sizes and are present in nearly everyone. Some are small and hardly noticeable, while others are large and disfiguring. Approximately 83% occur on the head and neck area. They usually appear as bluish or red moles but they aren’t moles at all. They are actually proliferation of blood vessels. The correct diagnosis and proper treatment is critical to removing them.

Port Wine Stains are present at birth and can range from pale pink to dark purple in color Port Wine Stains occur in 0.3% of births equally among males and females. They are composed of abnormal blood vessels. If left untreated, the vessels may become enlarged and elevate the skin causing the surface to take on a cobblestone appearance. They do not resolve themselves on their own; the vessels will continue to dilate and blood will pool or collect in the affected area. Further, they are resistant to most conventional lasers and therapies.

Utilizing both the latest in laser technology and other modalities, Dr. Humble can effectively treat the facial veins of your face. This painless and effective procedure may be done in as little as one treatment. Rosacea and Rhinophymas may also be treated in a non-surgical and effective way utilizing our cutting edge laser technology.

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