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Redondo Beach Leg Vein removal


Leg Veins:How long has it been since you have felt really good about the appearance of your legs? Imagine the freedom to finally wear clothes of your choice again. You can be free from unsightly, painful spider and reticular veins safely, painlessly and inexpensively. Our advanced procedure, sclerotherapy, has proven you can have the healthy legs you were meant to have.

Varicosis is an extremely common disease that affects over half the population. The reason is still unknown, but certain factors, such as hereditary, seem to play a decisive role. The condition can be aggravated by pregnancy, menopause, obesity, aging of the tissues and the use of birth control pills and hormonal therapy.

Varicose veins are veins that have become permanently dilated. They impede blood flow and hinder the return of blood to the heart from the lower parts of the body. When the valves in a vein become damaged, they are unable to function properly and reflux can occur, in other words, blood may flow backwards. This can lead to venous congestion and swelling.

Whatever the cause – age, genetics, pregnancy or other hormonal changes – sclerotherapy will successfully remove small, unappealing leg veins. Once determined that a vein is treatable, the physician injects a medicine solution into the affected area, causing the vein to close. Within a short time circulation is improved as the body naturally absorbs the damaged veins and blood flow is now directed to the functioning healthy veins. The results are natural…. painless… beautiful.

Both of our board certified physicians are member of the American Academy of Phlebology and pride themselves on being up to date in the latest most cutting edge technology in this field. Being cosmetic injection specialists, this is all they do. Let them use their expertise to treat your unsightly veins in an effective and pain free way.

Schedule a consultation at our San Francisco office for more information.

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