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PRP…A Testimonial

Submitted by drgailhumble on August 10, 2012

Recently, a colleague emailed me this story. Hello Gail, About 2 years ago, while working her way through college and playing soccer, a woman injured her left ankle. It swelled from what she was told, was “bursitis.” After her doctor gave her a cortisone injection the muscle and skin atrophied (an unwanted side effect) to the point that she was embarrassed to wear a dress. She went to a dermatologist who performed a biopsy (leaving a scar) and concluded that nothing could be done. Then, about 6 months later, while playing soccer, an opponent’s cleats tore the skin on the same ankle, which was so thin that it bled profusely and healed slowly. The ankle felt numb and sometimes ached. The injury left another scar. She became fearful of playing soccer. After the injury she read on facebook about PRP and the Vampire Facelift® and called to see if I would try the therapy on her ankle. I injected her ankle with blood-derived growth factors (took about 20 minutes at my office).  -After 28 days, the scars had lightened considerably and the aching feeling was completely gone. -11 months after the treatment, she says she experiences no pain, and that both scars (from the biopsy and soccer injury) have practically disappeared. She says her ankle is “completely back to normal”.

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