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A non-surgical facelift is becoming a popular option as a comprehensive facial rejuvenation for those looking to avoid the scalpel and are without the luxury of recovery time. Perhaps a misnomer, the non-surgical facelift does not detach and reattach the skin as is often done under the traditional facelift surgery, but instead refers to a combination of techniques used to boost, revitalize, rehydrate, and improve one’s overall complexion. Some of these techniques include the use of lasers, thermal treatments, filler injections, Botox, and more.

The non-surgical facelift is an invaluable cosmetic procedure and continues to receive positive feedback due to its effectiveness and safety. It has even come to utilize some of the latest developments in regenerative biology, as it now allows for an injectable treatment using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). PRP is a serum derived from a patient’s own blood that contains factors necessary for growth and cellular regeneration. As the skin ages, its natural access to these factors becomes limited, as blood vessels become diminished and retreat from the skin surface. PRP intends to reintroduce these necessary proteins back into the skin using fine needles and a technique not unlike that used for dermal fillers.

PRP is first performed by obtaining a sample of blood from the patient and removing the cells out mechanically. The resulting serum, which contains growth factors and other proteins, is then concentrated and loaded into a dermal needle. This serum is injected into areas that could benefit most from cellular repair and regeneration. When exposed to the PRP, skin tissue begins to heal and generate new tissue and fibers. This results in improved elasticity and skin tone, and will increase volume for a more full and youthful facial aesthetic. Wrinkles will diminish and leave the skin looking vibrant.

While many medical procedures are using this technique to improve healing outcomes in other areas of the body, the field of cosmetics has found that it is just as useful and effective at improving the skin. PRP is not a dermal filler and will not directly improve the volume of the skin. The regenerative results are gradual and can continue for over a year. There is minimal risk associated with PRP injections, as the serum is directly derived from the patient to reduce the change of immune rejection.

Dr. Gail Humble, a certified cosmetic surgeon, operates her office in the South Bay area, just a short drive from Long Beach or Manhattan Beach. Contact her office for more information about the nonsurgical facelift and schedule a consultation to see if you are a viable candidate.

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