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Laser Hair Removal That Promises Results

Submitted by Dr Gail Humble on August 22, 2011

No matter what season it is, there’s no denying that smooth and hair-free skin is always in style.  From the bikini line to the underarm area, there’s nothing more desirable than a smooth appearance that’s practically effortless to maintain. Of course, if you’re using high-maintenance hair removal techniques such as shaving or waxing, you might be ready to find a better way to get that hair-free look that’s so in-demand.  After all, you’re a busy person – you don’t have time to continually look after your hair removal when you have such a frenzied schedule. That’s where Dr. Gail Humble’s new Laser Hair Removal Treatment comes in.  The LightSheer Laser Hair Removal System is a new laser hair removal treatment that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help you get rid of your body hair woes.  This new laser hair removal treatment works better than other options (like waxing and shaving) because it uses a special laser that uses light pulses to banish hair from the body.  The laser is an Alexandrite Laser, which uses small pulses of light to quickly and efficiently treat any area size – and most patients only experience a momentary stinging sensation during the treatment.  Additionally, research has shown that the Alexandrite Laser can be used on almost all hair types, so you won’t encounter any obstacles on your way to a smoother look. So what happens when you use this innovative laser hair removal treatment?  First, you’ll meet with Dr. Gail Humble in her Redondo Beach, CA office, where she’ll help you determine which body areas you want to treat.  The LightSheer Laser Hair Removal System can be used on a variety of body parts, including legs, backs, arms, bikini lines, faces, chests and other treatment areas.  Once you’ve decided which area you want to treat, you’ll undergo the procedure, which is quick, efficient and virtually painless. If you choose to undergo the LightSheer Laser Hair Removal System, you’ll have to receive multiple treatments, as the unwanted hair won’t disappear until three weeks to three months after treatments (this is due to the body’s natural hair-shedding process).  However, once you’ve undergone the treatment process, you’ll see a 40 to 80 percent reduction in your body hair.  Some patients may require multiple treatments in order to maintain this new reduced level. Discover more about the LightSheer Laser Hair Removal System by filling out the form in the top left corner or visiting Dr. Gail Humble’s website at  

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