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Instalift New Alternative To Lip Augmentation

Submitted by admin on August 4, 2017

There is a new alternative to lip augmentation and removing wrinkles around the mouth. To date all we have had to offer patients has been resurfacing with lasers or adding back volume with fillers. The new Instalift threads have changed all of that. We can now restructure and support the anatomy of one’s lips returning it to its younger version. The silhouette Instalift sutures are relatively new to the market. They are made of poly-L-Lactic acid. Dr Humble did the FDA study of poly-L-Lactic acid and has over seventeen years of experience with thread lifts. These new ┬áresorbable thread that are made of Poly-L-lactic acid cause a natural collagen band to form that will suspend and support the tissue and then the threads disappear at 18 months. “This combination is like adding peanut butter and chocolate. We should have thought of this long ago” Dr Humble says.”But now is still better than never!”

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