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If your face makes you look younger than your real age, what about your neck, decolleté and hands? These can prove to be giveaways if neglected. Harmonization is a combination of procedures designed to address the common, cosmetic surgery syndrome, “young face, old hands, and decolletage”.

We offer harmonization as a tailored-to-your-needs treatment. Photorejuvenation can put virtually all exposed skin in harmony. In addition, people who have had previous laser resurfacing and are left with areas of demarcation or hypopigmentation (white areas) or hyperpigmentation(darker areas) can benefit from photorejuvenation. Photorejuvenation will help blend the appearance of the zones of demarcation by blending the areas.

Photorejuvenation can be used to erase sun damage on the legs arms and hands. Because it requires no true recovery time, different areas of the body can be treated at the convenience of our patients schedules.

We offer Harmonization on all areas of the body such as decolletage, hands and arms to achieve the best possible, natural looking results.

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