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Erase The Lines with the Pixel Laser Treatment

Submitted by Dr Gail Humble on August 26, 2011

There’s no denying that you love leading a full and active life.  From spending time with your family to enjoying the best of what your city has to offer, you enjoy running here, there and everywhere with your loved ones in tow. It’s the fine lines, wrinkles and scars that you don’t enjoy. Thanks to near-constant exposure to free radicals, sun rays and pollutants, our delicate skin is under constant siege.  Therefore, fine lines and wrinkles aren’t just a premonition of aging, but rather the result of the extraordinary stresses our skin undergoes.  From time spent on the beach to catching the downtown bus, your skin could use a little help in the battle against fine lines and wrinkles. That’s where the Pixel Laser Treatment comes in. If you’ve never heard of the Pixel Laser Treatment before, then you’re in for a real treat.  The Pixel Laser Treatment is a gentle and effective treatment that uses a fractional ablative laser to remove the affected area of your skin.  This refined laser point allows the treatment to directly target the affected areas in small pinpoints, which helps to promote the production of collagen.  The precise treatment also means that the skin surface surrounding the treated area won’t be disturbed, which helps to reduce the recovery time as experienced by more conventional methods. As collagen production begins to heighten, the treated areas begin to heal, which brings forth the appearance of tighter skin and smoother texture.  Many patients report seeing changes in as little as 24 hours, which can be maintained with a Pixel Laser Treatment every three weeks. So what happens when you undergo the Pixel Laser Treatment? Many patients report feeling the same sensation as if they had received a mild sunburn; however, discomfort is at an absolute minimum.  The skin will remain pinkish for approximately one week after treatment, while any swelling shrinks in two to three days.  Patients can begin working again the following day of treatment.  Please note that due to skin sensitivity, you’ll be required to wear a strong sunscreen to protect new skin from becoming damaged. If you’re interested in trying out the Pixel Laser Treatment for yourself, then head over to Dr. Gail Humble’s office in Redondo Beach, CA today.  You’ll learn about the Pixel Laser Treatment process and understand what kind of results you can expect with a treatment regimen.  The Pixel Laser Treatment is perfect for those individuals who are suffering from sun-damaged or aging skin. Learn more about the Pixel Laser Treatment at today, or fill out the form in the top left corner.

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