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During the aging process fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of damage can add years to your appearance. Board Certified Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Gail Humble is proud to feature Aquagold Fine Touch, an innovative micro-channeling device which enhances and revitalizes the health and appearance of your skin. Through this revolutionary treatment, Aquagold couples with Botox, lasers and other dermal fillers to minimize wrinkles, tighten skin and painlessly administer anti-aging products beneath the skin’s surface. Our office procedure delivers vitamin enriched dermal fillers through Aquagold which are designed to erase acne-scarring and improve skin elasticity and volume within minutes. By utilizing this impressive device outfitted with micro-needle technology, Dr. Humble can offer both versatility and results tailored for each patient.

What is Aquagold?

The Aquagold Fine Touch micro-needling device applies an array of dermal fillers under the skin to maximize absorption and rejuvenate the skin in areas that were once too hard to address. Deeper penetration allows the benefits to exceed those of other treatments, resulting in brighter and healthier skin. The device employs 24 karat gold needles, smaller than a hair-follicle to disperse beneficial ingredients and treat issues such as: wrinkles, texture, lax skin, scarring and enlarged pores. The Aquagold micro-channeling device naturally improves the quality of your skin by promoting collagen-growth and enhancing suppleness. With your aesthetic goals in mind, Dr. Humble will establish a treatment plan customized to provide a solution for your concerns.

How Aquagold is Performed

Our clinical team will gently cleanse your skin and prepare you for the procedure. Since there is zero pain associated with Aquagold, we do not utilize an anesthetic. Dr. Gail Humble will place the selected ingredients in the Aquagold device and begin by pressing it into your skin. This enables dermal fillers and optimal ingredients to reach deep tissue layers and treat your skin concerns. The vial is often filled with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water to effectively plump mature skin. The device also works with other topical serums, so you can tailor your treatment to address specific skin concerns. The series of 20 micro-needles will be injected and passed thoroughly over your skin to encompass the target area.

As the Aquagold device overlaps your skin’s surface, the formulation of ingredients is dispersed, and your journey for a clearer complexion is born. The gentle needling process essentially creates smoother, brighter and more youthful skin without the downtime associated with surgical procedures. Depending on the type of dermal filler you require, your Aquagold treatment may take a few minutes to an hour. Following the treatment, you may experience slight redness which should quickly subside. The 24k gold tips serve to protect against most irritation. We’re proud to say you can resume normal activities directly after leaving our office, but please utilize an SPF to protect your skin.

Benefits of Aquagold

  • We can utilize various biologics to meet your goals
  • Your complexion will be more even and natural
  • The procedure is quick and painless with zero down-time
  • 24 Karat needles allow for deeper penetration and enhanced benefits

Why choose Dr. Gail Humble

Are you interested in learning more about Aquagold, our micro-channeling procedure which adds youth and naturally rejuvenates your appearance? Board Certified Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Gail Humble is highly qualified in the technique of Aquagold Technology. If you would like to discuss anti-aging procedures, please contact our office today. We encourage you to schedule a consultation to learn more about Aquagold and how it can best serve your concerns.

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