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Valentine’s Day Blast 2018
 Make your Valentine’s Day kiss perfect with this month’s special of lip augmentation with volbella at 0.5 cc for $499 , & lose those smoker lines around your lips with the Nova Threads for only $200

I hope everyone is keeping up with their New Year’s resolutions! I will be seeing patients in Redondo Beach February 6-9 , and in San Francisco the rest of the month . For Redondo Beach, call Debbie at 310-408-9770  to check availability & schedule an appointment. For San Francisco, call Sharon at 415-400-5447 . I look forward to seeing you!

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Thread lifts have been around for decades, but now we have absorbable threads! NovaThreads and Silhouette Instalift threads are both recently FDA-approved methods for lifting facial tissue. Thread lifts do not require any incisions or invasive surgical procedure, which make them very popular with todays busy lifestyles. 
Nova Threads are absorbable threads that are composed of a material called PDO, which is absorbed by the body in four to six  months. The threads are either plain sutures, twisted sutures or have barbs that engage the skin. The barbed threads are great for lifting, whereas the straight sutures and the curved sutures are good for their anti-aging properties and collagen stimulation. The threads can be used in different ways to create both lifting and rejuvenating effects in the skin. Threads are used primarily in the face but can be used in other applications such as the knees and the arms. The duration of the effects is around six to 12 months, so the procedure would need to be repeated periodically to maintain results. It is a quick office procedure, taking about 30 to 45 minutes for the entire process, and only requires a small amount of local anesthesia. There is also the benefit of no downtime with this, so patients can return to their everyday activities immediately after. One of the best uses for the Nova threads are in the upper lip to reduce and minimize “smoker lines”.
The Silhouette Instalift is a little different from the Novathreads technique. It is also done by using absorbable threads. However, the threads are different in that they contain absorbable sutures along with absorbable trumpet-shaped cones that are configured to grab and engage tissue, allowing the sutures to create a lifting and volumizing effect. Their ability to hold tissue is greater and they’re probably much more reliable to maintain the duration of effect for over two years.
The Silhouette threads can be placed in various areas, but they’re excellent for facial lifting and creating volumizing effects primarily in the cheeks, corner of the mouth, the jaw line, the brow, and the neck. It can also be used in different areas of the body to improve skin laxity or crepiness, including the arms and the knees. There’s no real significant recovery. It’s a 45-minute office procedure that only requires a small amount of local anesthesia. Generally, little or no pain medication is required after the procedure.
Patients can return to normal activities immediately, apart from requiring them to be a little bit gentle with the area treated. There is little to no downtime! 
Both are excellent micro-invasive methods for lifting and rejuvenating. Both work well alone and in conjunction with other therapies, such as neuromodulators like Botox or Dysport, Fillers   and other skin treatments such as peels or laser treatments.
If you are interested in a thread lift procedure, please contact Dr. Humble at her office in San Francisco or in Hermosa Beach.
Valentines Special: For every one thread get the second one for 30% off.
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