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June Email 2018
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
I hope everyone enjoys their extended weekend with friends and family! I will be seeing patients in  Redondo Beach June 4 through the 8th,  and  will be in San Francisco the rest of the month.  For Redondo Beach, call Debbie at  310-408-9770  to check availability & schedule an appointment. For San Francisco, call Sharon at  415-400-5447.
The month of June is dedicated to the eyes ! Early signs of aging are typically first seen around the eyes. While this may not make you look older, it often makes people look tired, and many patients notice changes as early as their 20s and 30s.
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Let’s review the aging process of the eye, seeing what happens to the eye area as we get older, and more importantly, what we can do to reverse it!
As we age we have boney resorption in our cranium. After 40 we lose about a teaspoon of volume from out face every year. The fossas (or openings) in our skull get bigger, including the eye fossa. This means that with time, our eyes fall deeper into our eye sockets, and as we age our eyes appear to get smalle much like an apple doll. OH MY!!
We have three little fat filled compartments under our eyes, called the suborbicularis oculi fat, or SOOF. With time the ligaments under our eyes relax, and these fat compartments herniate and become evident as puffiness under the eye. Our other fat pads begin descending, such as our malar fat pads (cheek fat pads)and we start forming what is known as a tear trough deformity . This is the depression that runs from the inner corner of our eye across our mid cheek at and angel. Of course our upper lid skin gets lax and we also get laxity of both the muscle in the upper lid as well as our brows. We develop crows feet and a prominence on the outer lower corner of the eye which is called a festoon.
Tear Trough Deformity
So what can we do to treat all of these signs of the aging eyes? This month we will discuss four therapies.
The first therapy is botox. This can be injected to give a medial and a lateral brow lift.
This is a common and easy therapy with a proven track record. This will lift the brow and diminish crows feet. We can even use botox tomake asymmetrical brows symmetrical again! This therapy usually lasts from 4 months on. Botox may also be used under the eye, for those people that have an overactive muscle under the eye.
The second therapy is the thermasmooth.
The thermasmooth is an easy 3 part non invasive treatment of the upper and lower eyes’ skin to tighten and firm. This is a great treatment if you are not yet ready for a blepharoplasty. There is no down time and no discomfort. Woohoo!!
The third treatment is utilizes fillers.
The SOOF can be treated surgically but if you’re not ready for surgery, we can camouflage under eye fullness by augmenting the bone under the orbit with filler. For those really astute patients that ask ,”why don’t we use Kybella on these fat pads?”, the answer is they did years ago but it migrated with time, and destroyed some of the fat in the cheek, which is not a good thing. We can fill the tear trough deformity with filler and give back the smooth contour to your cheek. Filler can be used along the upper and lower orbital bone to rebuild the fossa. This will replace boney loss, and give eyes a less sunken appearance. We may also build up the brow bone. 
Before & After of combination treatment using botox and filler
The fourth treatmeant is utilizing Instalift/Nova threads.
By now most of you have heard about the new resorbable threads. Threads that will build more collagen. By using the Instalift threads in the cheeks we can actually lift the cheeks back up and also improve the undereye area. We can also use the smaller one inch Nova threads to support delicate undereye tissue and augment the development of new collagen.
The fifth treatment is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma .
This is the process in which we draw the patient’s blood and then isolate the platelets. This is then injected under the eyes to revitalize the skin as well and bring back the normal volume under the eye area. This is a completely natural treatment and requires no down time. The results are gradual and improve with time.
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