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July Email Blast 2018
Happy 4th of July!
Happy 4th of July everyone! I will be seeing patients in  Redondo Beach July 2 through the 8th, and will be in San Francisco the rest of the month.  For Redondo Beach, call Debbie at  310-408-9770  to check availability & schedule an appointment. For San Francisco, call Sharon at  415-400-5447.  
July Special:
$100 gift certificate for the month of July! One certificate per patient
This month we are going to talk about beauty and what is beauty in different sexes and different ethnicities. Over the next month we will then talk about rejuvenation to the upper mid and lower face. Each month we will discuss how to correct imperfections in the upper mid and lower face so stay tune till next month!
Adult Female
•Larger smooth forehead features seen in the faces of children
•Brows have arch or gull-wing shape
•Eyes bigger, wider apart and prominent eyelashes
More prominent cheekbones
•Heart shaped tapered jaw
•Plump vermillion border of the lips
•Smaller lower face than men 
Adult Male
•Prominent supra- orbital ridges resulting in deep set eyes
•Flatter and narrower eyebrows
•Slightly narrower eyes
•Eyes less “wide open” 
•Slightly longer and/ or wider nose
Slightly thinner lips (especially upper lip)
Square/angled larger jaws
More obtuse nose 
Defining Facial Beauty:
“Magnificent Seven”
•Facial shape: chin, cheeks, and symmetry •Forehead height
Eyebrow shape
Eye size and inter-eye distance
Nose shape
Lips (length and height)                         
Skin clarity/texture/color 
Facial Shape
  Youth and beauty are equated with a full and wide midface
  Triangle of youth
  Youth and beauty are equated with a full and wide midface
  Triangle of youth 
Beautiful Cheeks
Cheek height should be equal to lower limbus
Has apex or high point
Eyebrow Shape
  Begins vertically in line with medial canthus
• The eyebrow lies above bony rim of pupil and has 10-20° climb from medial to lateral 
• Arched at distance equal to intercanthal distance which is of total eyebrow length (point crossed by line from alar base tangential to lateral aspect of pupil)
• Lateral tip higher than medial tip
• Tissue fullness over lateral supraorbital rim 
The forehead plays a very important role in the shaping of the upper face. It covers a large area, and, although overlooked by many, can determine how masculine, or feminine a person looks.
A full, round, smooth forehead, free of lines, makes a woman look more feminine. There should be no breaks in the contour, allowing the whole convex surface of the forehead to cast a uniform reflection of light. This roundness, ideally, should extend to the sides – the temples
On the other hand, a man’s forehead is flatter, almost straight. As men have larger supraorbital ridges (the bony protrusion on or above the brow), there is often a slight depression or concavity above the eyebrow. A slight depression between the brows, due to the bony structure, is also a masculine feature 
Nose Shape
  Although nose is most central and prominent facial feature, it should not dominate face
  Must have harmonious relationship and intrinsic beauty 
  Nasofrontal angle approximately 120°
•Nasolabial angle:
90-105° male
100-120° female •Columnellar show 2-4 mm 
Beautiful Lips
  Length to mid-iris
  Ratio of mucosal show of upper lip to lower lip is, 1:1.618
  Width to iris/pupil
• Philtral columns just inside cupid’s bow
    Lower lip should be fuller but upper lip should project more on profile by 1-2 mm  
Ideal Chin
  Follows golden proportion in its facial relationships
  Should be slightly behind or just at Riedel plane, drawn tangentially through anterior points of upper and lower lips
  Plays central roles in facial beauty, especially in profile 
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