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December 2016
Wait. Did we give you a gift last month? Well, it is the season of giving! Please join us in celebrating this holiday season by using the gift certificate below before the end of the year, and schedule an appointment to come in and make yourself look and feel beautiful for the holidays. We’d love to see you!

Schedule for December

I’ll be seeing patients Sunday December 4th – Thursday, September 8th in Redondo Beach. Make an appointment to look your best for the holidays!

Please call Amy at 310-341-8780 to schedule an appointment. I look forward to seeing you!

                                      What Is Klotho? 

Clotho was the youngest of the Three Fates in ancient
 Greek mythology, and the goddess imbued with the power to extend life, and youth. Klotho is the name of an anti-aging gene discovered in 1997, and is the key to Dr. Humbles’ formula for her revolutionary new skin rejuvenation product, Klothogen. 

We will be updating you with more details, as well as extending exclusive offers to you to try out this ground breaking new product.

Klothogen- Spinning the Thread of Human Life.
As the holiday season approaches, I would like to give thanks to all of you that, to me, are much more than clients. Please stop by so we can celebrate a few moments of the season together, laugh a little about the times gone by, and raise a toast to the days to come.

I hope to see you as we approach the holiday season, and celebrate this joyous time of the year. Please accept the gift certificate above as my gift to you. Happy Holidays.    -Dr. Gail Humble
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