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August 2013
girl sun flips
The kiss of summer is a warm nights breeze
That brings the winter to it’s knees 
Dear Gail,

Life at the beach is like a vacation…every day! We hope you’re enjoying your summer here at the beach, and invite you to visit us to discuss what therapies might be right for you, and to take advantage or our August specials, below.  

Radiesse adds volume and lift, provides structure, 
 and stimulates your own natural collagen to grow.
Purchase one full size syringe, (1.5cc)  
and receive a smaller (.8cc) syringe free.
$325 Value 

Dr. Humbles’ Blog
 Dr. Humbles’ latest entry discusses the underlying reasons why our faces age and available  therapies (Radiesse, Scluptra, etc) to counteract the effects of aging.


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            Myers’ Vitamin Cocktail
The Myers’ Cocktail is a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals designed for IV use intravenous nutrient therapy improve energy capacity and cell function. Give your day a boost!  
Buy 5 and get $50 off. 


Age doesn’t have to look the way it used to. It’s more subtle.  
More gradual. Shouldn’t your anti-age be just as subtle?

Sculptra before and after
Purchase two vials of Sculptra for $1250.00
(regularly $1400.00)

New! Pixel Pro Laser.
Treatment is gentle with little downtime. The Pixel Pro causes the skin to produce new collagen which improves tone and texture of the skin, along with a tightening of open pores.   

Only $750 each if purchasing 3 (regularly $1500.00)


Stay tuned for news on Dr. Humbles medical mission to Nepal. Click  on the image to the right and check out

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Gail Humble, M.D. 
Laser and Filler Specialist, Medical Director at The Anti-Aging Institute.
PRP (Vampire Face Lift) | Sculptra | Radiesse | Juvederm | Laser Resurfacing | Vascular Laser | IPL | Laser Hair Removal | Dysport | Artefill | Restylane | Sclerotherapy | Botox | Xeomin | Belotero |

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